MCS BMX Team on Las Vegas 2021

The MCS team surprised everyone at the national with some unexpected new members and good results. With Eric Rupe leading the way the team scored quite a few victories, with the newest and youngest member of the team David Restrepo showing some speed and skill in his first race for MCS. Florida #3 Juan Carbo reappeared on the race scene and showed that he still has what it takes, with a first place in the qualifying rounds.

A newcomer to the MCS National  team, the young 29-year-old David Restrepo is aiming to become the new NAG #1 in the category. Jeff DeVido's latest discovery on a team that continues to give young people opportunities.

The MCS team exceeded expectations on the first day. The semifinal rounds ran smoothly and once again Eric Rupe proved to be the best in the category with a resounding first place.

Intense and dedicated to BMX, David Restrepo used the mentoring and motivation from Carbo to take the win in cruiser. Using that same motivation he pushed his MCS cruiser to the wins on all 3 days.


To experience what the team felt in Las Vegas watch the following video:


The MCS team will now face their biggest challenge at the USABMX Grands in November. After a great weekend the team heads home to prepare for the Grands, and then the 2022 season!