UNTIL 2006: ...30 YEARS…

1976-2005: MCS Bicycles was started by NBL founder George Esser and Rick Connery out of a motorcycle shop in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Products: MCS “Z-1” frame
Riders: Greg Esser, Brian Esser, Timmy Judge

Greg Esser with MCS “Z-1” frame

1978-1979: In the late 70’s, as the “sport” of BMX was growing in the southeast, MCS was selling frames as fast as they could make them! To keep up with the demand, MCS was welding frame around the clock with both day and night shifts.
Products: MCS Magnum frame, MCS Spider frame, MCS 6-Bolt stem
Riders: Jamie Burrows, David Argyle

MCS Magnum frames, bars, stems and seat posts.

1980-1981: George Esser, concentrating on running the NBL, sold MCS to Ron Cann and Norman Livin. Ron also started Hot Inc. number plates around this same time.
Products: Full line of MCS Magnum frames, bars, stems and seat posts.
Riders: Jeff Ruminer

MCS number plates with Timmy Judge

1983-1984: Ron Cann sold his half of the company to Norm Livin, as freestyle became popular, MCS made it's first frestyle frame, the "Styler." As MCS continued to support BMX racing, the "Magnum Force" co-sponsor team was formed. The team grew rapidly to 500 members, representing MCS throughout the country!
Products: MCS Magnum 2000 frame, MCS Styler frame
Riders: Matt Harris, Bill Madden, Billy Swoop, Marlow Buelvas

MCS Styler

1985-1987: Bill Prince was hired to manage the MCS race team. In 1987, MCS hired Pro BMX racer Jeff DeVido as a sales rep and to manage the “Magnum Force” program.
Products: MCS Mantis Mini frame, MCS Hurricane Jr. frame.
Riders: Mike Brandt, Craig Reynolds, Mike Crehan, Jonathan Lee

MCS Mantis Mini frame, MCS Hurricane Jr. frame with Johnathan Lee

1988: MCS was sold to Les Hertz and Lawrence Ribco. The MCS/Eagle Snacks Team was formed, Consisting of many of the top amateurs in the country. Pro racer Terry “Mr. T” Tennette joined the MCS Factory Team. Terry had a terrific race season on his new XLX frame which becomes one of MCS”s hottest products.
Products: MCS XLX frame and fork set.
Riders: Terry Tennette, Todd Lyons, Ronnie Walker, John Purse, B.J. Gant, Termite Hudson, Percy Owens.

MCS XLX frame and fork set with Terry Tennette,

1990: The MCS Euro Team, lead by European Team Manager Gerritt Does, won the World Championships in France!
Products: MCS Magnum 24" frame, Ron'C handlebars.
Riders: Christophe Leveque, Dale Holmes, Bas DeBeaver, Nico Does, Petier Does

 1990 European Team

1991-1994: In October of 1991, MCS was sold to racer/employee Jeff DeVido, Jeff then started a BMX distribution company, Custom Cycle Supply!
Products: MCS Gravedigger frame
Riders: David Milham, Miles Davis, Spanky Gravenmier, Tony Szynaka, Troy Simek

CS Gravedigger frame with David Milham and Tony Szynaka

1995-1999: The mid to late 90's saw the sport of Freestyle and Dirt jumping explode around the world. MCS stayed involved in BMX racing while sister company, Bully Bikes, took off in the Dirt Jumping world.
Products: MCS Spinner Hubs, Bully Hot Rod frame.
Riders. Dennis Neubauer, Jessica Crasilli, Matt Silvia, Cory Nastazio

Dennis Neubauer with MCS Spinner Hubs, Bully Hot Rod frame

2000-2004: Jeff hired longtime friend Brian Fell to manage the MCS and Bully teams. Brian put together a top notch program and designed some great products, including the MCS Speed Freak frame. The team was able to take the Florida State Series Championship Title four years in a row.
Products: MCS Speed Freak frame, MCS Aluminum handlebars
Riders: Jason Richardson, Philip Delizia, Kalin Hall Jr., Amanda Geving, Aaron Butler, Raul Gomez, Petey Peters

Brian Fell with MCS Speed Freak frame

2005: MCS steps back into the complete bike arena with it's first offering in over 15 years. Our entry-level bicycles line is steadily growing and the bikes have been well received by the industry, gaining reviews in such BMX publica- tions as BMX PIlus! and Ride UK. We have a great program, with a well- rounded team and a 32' Factory Team Support trailer at the events they com- pete in.
Products: Entry level completes.
Riders: Jonathan Suarez, Jonathan Villa, Bryan Kipp, Aaron Cartwright.

Jonathan Suarez with Entry level completes.

2006: 30 years after welding the first frame, MCS is going stronger than ever! Truly a "rider owned company, MCS strongly supports our sport of BMX. What's in store for the future? Only time will tell! One thing that is for sure, MCS will keep supporting BMX and will continue to make the best products available!

...2021 now are 45 years!...

MCS is more alive than ever, we keep supporting our favorite sport of BMX and the people getting crazy with our products they know who we are!